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Our Mission

CoVoice is an Afro-Latino owned business, aiming to break language barriers and foster effective communication for businesses and individuals by providing on-demand, live human Spanish/English interpreting services.

Who We Are

We're first generation Americans and the sons of hard working immigrant parents who left Honduras for a better life in the United States. CoVoice is the result of generational grit. It's in our DNA to change the world.


Regis Arzu, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer


Joel Arzu

Chief Creative Officer


According to the United States Census, in 2019 there were approximately 16.2 million LEP hispanics (Limited English Proficiency) in the United States.


There have been over 1 billion users of translation apps, globally. The most common being English and Spanish.

Juan M.

Usar CoVoice ha facilitado mi búsqueda de empleo, con la ayuda de los intérpretes de CoVoice, he podido asistir a entrevistas y comunicarme con confianza.


Maria R.

Gracias a CoVoice, pude comunicarme con mi arrendador y asegurar un apartamento sin problemas. Muy recomendado! 


Marisol S.

Al principio estaba nerviosa por usar CoVoice en una entrevista, pero lo hice y conseguí el trabajo con un salario más alto de lo que pensaba.


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No More Language Barriers

Let’s have a conversation about  positively impacting and changing the lives of the Hispanic immigrants living in the United States.

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