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How much money can I make as an interpreter?

It's up to you. You set your own rate and schedule.

Do you offer work for other languages outside of English and Spanish?

No. The initial launch will only offer Spanish and English interpreting. However, as we grow, we do intend to add more languages.

When do I get paid?

You get paid via stripe no later than two weeks.

Do I get paid per hour or per min and is it a full time position?

As an independent contractor on the platform, you establish your own rate per minute and receive payment solely for the services you provide. You have the autonomy to decide your availability and work schedule, which may be full-time or part-time, based on your preferences. Be aware that the initial demand for interpreters may be low as we focus on marketing and brand awareness.

How are fees deducted from earnings prior to CoVoicers being paid out?

When a customer calls a CoVoicer, the payment from the customer will be split as shown below:

         -  20% to CoVoice for platform maintenance
         -  3% Transaction Processing Fee
         -  77% to CoVoicer

There will be an additional 2% fee for international calls requiring currency conversion. These payments will be split as shown below:

         - 20% to CoVoice for platform maintenance
         - 3% Transaction Processing Fee
         - 2% International Transaction Fee
         - 75% to CoVoicer

Are there international fees charged when a customer calls from out of the US ?

Yes, when transacting from Non-US to US Currency, there is a 1% International fee and a 1% Conversion fee (2% total) charged by our payment processor, Stripe. This fee WILL NOT apply to US CoVoicers taking calls from US customers.

What is the difference between a CoVoicer and a Certified CoVoicer?

A CoVoicer is someone that speaks clear and fluent English and Spanish and was approved for their passion and compassion to want to help others, amongst other reasons; these are people that we would feel comfortable interpreting for our parents if they were in an emergency. 

Certified CoVoicers are people that fit the criteria above but also have experience in the field or certification. 

How do you want us to turn down any User/Customer who tries to call for medical, legal, or illegal services?

Please inform the User/Customer that you apologize, but for now we are not certified to help with any medical, legal, or illegal interpreting (Whichever applies).

Who can take medical or legal calls?

For now only Certified CoVoicers are filtered to take legal calls if they have legal experience interpreting and medical if they can provide documentation that they are HIPAA certified and have medical experience interpreting.

Is there a way to go from CoVoicer to Certified CoVoicer?

We are still early now, but in a few months, we will let all the CoVoicers know our criteria to qualify to change to a Certified CoVoicer.

Is there or will there be training for CoVoicers to improve their skills?

We do not have that yet, but yes, in the future, we will build a training program to improve their skills.

Can you have someone join a call on 3-way to do the interpreting?

We do not have this feature yet, but it will be a feature in the future. 

Can we have two accounts (Interpreter and User/Customer) to send money to a family member's account?

Yes, you can be an interpreter on the app, but as an interpreter, you can not send another person funds to use the app via the app. Therefore you can and would be recommended to open a User/Customer account to send money to a family member or friend. 

I keep getting notifications of calls, but no calls are coming through. Why is this? Why am I not receiving any incoming calls, but I'm getting notifications?

How the process works: You'll receive "request" notifications from Users/Customers letting you know that they are in need of service, and by clicking on the notification, you are letting them know that you are currently available to help them. Once the caller knows you are available, they can choose to select you if they like or another interpreter who also accepted the request. If you are selected, you will see the incoming call.  See the user Flow Video below:

Note about "Request notifications": 
To stop the "request" alerts, if you are not available, move the toggle to "Not Available" and you will not show up on the user's list of available interpreters.


Do you offer certification through your app?

No. We do not.

If I’m a Certified CoVoicer, how can I get HIPAA Certified if my current employer does not provide it?

We are not affiliate partners nor get paid to recommend this company, but a few interpreters have recommended and they charge $30 for a two year certification. It is at your discretion where you get certified.

How do I find my clients?

You don’t. We do all the work for you. All you need to do is be available to interpret.

We have not received any calls, is the application working? Why is it so slow and we have not received any calls?

It’s still extremely early in the rollout of the CoVoice app. We are trying our best to get the CoVoice app actively used and aligned with the ratio of registered interpreters/CoVoicers. We are a small team working on getting as many approved CoVoicers onboarded while simultaneously trying to answer all of your questions. We did not want to push the live date any longer so we found a middle ground. Let’s call it phase 2. In this phase, we cannot in good conscience widely promote the app because we do not have enough interpreters to handle the potential volume of users as of yet. However, what we can do is ask CoVoicers to share the app with their limited English-speaking family and friends, as well as local businesses that can benefit from the app. This will allow us to bring clients onto the app in a slow, manageable trickle instead of a tidal wave that would overwhelm our CoVoicers. We greatly appreciate your help in making that happen! 

We want to be clear about one thing. You are NOT obligated to promote the app within your communities. In the future we will engage in marketing campaigns. But for now, this will give us the best results until we have the capacity for large-scale promotion.

Do I have to pay anything to sign up?

No, sign up is 100% free. CoVoice makes money when you get hired. 

When will the app be available?

The app is currently live to download for iphone and android. However, in order for interpreters to have full access to use the app, you'll need to be interviewed. To get on the waitinglist please sign up here

How can I contact you?

If you have a question, you can reach us at

Who is CoVoice’s HIPAA Compliance Officer?

Regis Arzu  •  Email:

Do you provide legal and medical interpreting services?


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