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Professional Interpreting Services for your Business

Whether your business is in the Health Care, Legal or retail space, language barriers can be a significant roadblock in your growth. Let’s have a conversation about removing that challenge.

Business People

The Benefits of Choosing CoVoice

Fluid & Accurate

All of our interpreters are human beings, which makes for fluid conversations and accurate information communicated

Quick Response

No need to schedule an interpreter in advance. Get one on the phone anytime in seconds.

HIPAA Certified

World class HIPAA Certified interpreters are available when dealing with sensitive information

Cost Effective

Only pay for the minutes on a call (as little as .45 cents per minute) 

How CoVoice Works

1. Search

2. Pick


3. Call



According to the United States Census, in 2019 there were approximately 16.2 million LEP hispanics (Limited English Proficiency) in the United States.


The percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) driven by Hispanics in the United States is 25%, and growing.

CEO, Mac’s Hardware

Customer satisfaction and loyalty has shot up since we’ve implemented CoVoice in our business.

Aurora, CO

Dr. Barnett

CoVoice has made my dental practice more accessible and inclusive. It’s a must-have app for any dentist who wants to reach more people.

Springfield, IL

Jenna D.

As a lawyer who works with clients from different backgrounds, CoVoice has been fast and reliable, especially for unexpected walk-ins.

Queens, NY

No More Language Barriers

Ready to enhance your business communication Efforts?

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