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Be your own boss

If you speak Spanish and English fluently, and have a smartphone,
you can make money anytime and from anywhere.


CoVoice is an app that connects people who can’t communicate because of a language barrier to an interpreter who can help translate in real time.

Fill out the form below to be one of the first interpreters on CoVoice when we launch soon.

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We provide the tools to help CoVoicers thrive

See below for CoVoicer (interpreter) benefits:


Rate and Hours

Whether you want to commit a lot of time or a little, charge 50 cents per minute or more. As a CoVoicer, you control your own rate and hours.


Work 100% Remote

Your office is your smartphone. So, as long as you have a strong cellphone connection, you can work from anywhere. 


Easy-to-use app

Say goodbye to the old-fashion way of taking interpretation jobs. The CoVoice app is user friendly  & designed to optimize your ability to make money. 

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