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New Customer Ownership Feature
for CoVoicers/Interpreters 

What is the new feature allowing CoVoicers to "own their customers"?

CoVoicers now have a unique link attached to their account so they can run their own interpreting business within the CoVoice app. We call this link, your "Direct CoVoice Link (DCL)." Sharing your DCL will automatically "Favorite" you to users who sign up to CoVoice by clicking it, making you their primary interpreter for every call!

Calls made by those customers will go directly to you. On your dashboard, there is a button called 
"Promote My Service," which allows you to share your DCL via social media, text message or email.

How will this affect my user experience as an interpreter?  

The main changes are... You'll have a button on your CoVoice app to share your services via text, social media, and email. All who create their account via your Direct CoVoice Link (DCL) will be on your "clients list" in your CoVoice dashboard.  You will receive direct calls from your new clients (you will also continue to receive requests from general app users)

What privacy and security measures are in place?

Security ensures that calls are private between the parties involved. Interpreters/CoVoicers have the power to end inappropriate calls, and unhappy customers can "unfavorite" their Primary Interpreter/CoVoicer, therefore whoever they are, please provide the best service. 

Are there eligibility requirements for using this feature?

No specific requirements except for having the latest app update.

Are there limitations to owning customers or promoting myself?

NO LIMITATIONS! Share your DCL through any means you choose.

Additional promotional materials can be discussed by emailing (ie, business cards and/or t-shirts with a QR-Code containing your Direct CoVoice Link). 

If you do not have yourself as available on the application, the caller will have the option to connect to other interpreters.

Note: As long as the user doesn't "Unfavorite" you, you will always be their direct call each time.

Will support or training be available?

Although the feature is simple to use, support via phone or email is available if you have any questions, and additional training can be provided if needed.

Are there any financial changes?

No additional cost. The payment breakdown remains the same: 77% to CoVoicers, 20% to CoVoice, and 3% to the payment processor. There will be an additional 2% fee for international calls.

Are there new technical requirements?

Update the app if it's not already up to date. To update the application go to your App store and look up CoVoice and click "Update" to update the latest version. If it says "Open" That means you have the latest version already.

Are there guidelines or compliance requirements?

Maintain professionalism and respect on all calls.

How will existing relationships with customers be handled?

No changes to existing customer management. You will continue to receive calls from the main line to the application.

How can I provide feedback or report issues?

Feedback is crucial. Email Regis Arzu at for feedback and suggestions or use the support button in the app for support and questions.

When will this feature be live?

The update is live now!

What if I have myself as "available" and I miss their calls?

If you miss a call while marked as "available," nothing will change for the customer, but it's advisable not to do this. If they can't trust you to be available when needed, they might "UnFavorite" you, and their calls will no longer go to you as their Primary Interpreter/CoVoicer if they do.

What if I do not have myself as "unavailable" and they call?

Being "unavailable" occasionally is understood. If marked as such and a call comes in, the app will ask the customer if they want to choose another interpreter. If yes, it'll go to the next available interpreter. You will still retain your client. This won't remove you as their Favored interpreter.

What if we are not HIPAA Compliant and we receive medical calls?

You run your business as you choose. If not HIPAA Certified, we recommend not taking medical calls from Referred Clients. You are solely responsible for any HIPAA violations with them.

Does the referred customer need a referral code?

No, the Referred Customer doesn't need a referral code. They can ignore the referral code field when signing up.

I sent my "Direct CoVoice Link" to someone and it did not work, why not?

The link only works if the recipient doesn't have a CoVoice account. If they do, you should have them search for you and favorite you manually.

Can I share on social media?

Yes, your personal link is shareable via social media and DMs, but it will only work if clicked on a cell phone, not on a desktop.

What if my Referred Customer downloaded the app as an interpreter by mistake?

You or your customer can email support, and we'll delete their account so they can re-register as a customer.

My Customer clicked the link through their desktop and it's not working?

The link only works on a cell phone. Clicking on a desktop will direct them to the CoVoice website.

Can I interpret in another language?

While not openly promoted, you can interpret any additional language to your referred customer. It's up to you how to proceed with your customer.

What if we do not want to promote our services?

By all means, you do not have to promote your services. You will continue to receive calls as you currently do. While promoting your services may help control your workflow, it's not a requirement. If you're patient enough for us to bring customers to you, that works just fine. We foresee that your workload will increase as we continue to grow, but this is a slow marathon, and we won't stop promoting the app. Therefore, the choice is entirely up to you.

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